What you Need!

-You will need a Piano or keyboard (for piano lessons). For your consultation you don't need a keyboard.

-You can use an Mobile or desktop computer with audio and video capability. 

-Download Zoom app 

- The Studio will send a link to your email! 


-Find a comfortable place in your home and begin your lesson! 


At the end of the year we will be hosting a Gala for the best in Europe and America! Theres a chance you can qualify for this. Our performances will be held at the Eismann Center in Richardson Texas. 

ABRSM Accredited Program!

The Royal School Board of England is coming to you! The Accredited program allows your child to get college credit at any age! We offer the program for Piano & Voice. 

There are levels 1-8. ABRSM test in music theory, aural training, scales arpeggios, vocal technique, sight singing  and more! 

Give your child the ability to get ahead!

Online Classes 

 What to Expect! 

   The first step is to book your consultation. In this consultation we will discuss what you or your child will be learning. The instructor will go over goals that you have for yourself and where you can be. Is this something you'd want to do to destress and have fun or is it something that you're seriously wanting to pursue? Either is okay and the instructor will make a plan and curriculum just for you! 


Piano or Voice : Beginner, intermediate, advanced

Theater & Dance (Coming Soon!)


Piano or Voice: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Dance (Coming Soon!) 

Piano Lessons

 Depending upon skill level. The consultation will help the instructor see where your skill level is at. You don't have to be amazing to get started. Even if you don't know anything, thats okay! In this meet you will explore the keys on the piano and dynamics, understand the importance of fingers dexterity, 

Voice Lessons

The instructor will meet you at your skill level. lesson will include pitch correction, understanding the vocals and how it works, breathing technique, diction and more! 

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