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Day of Piano, Voice, & Jazz!

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What is Jazz?

Jazz dance is the performance dance technique and style that emerged in America in the early twentieth century. Jazz dance may refer to vernacular jazz or Broadway or
theatrical jazz.

Piano & Voice

There are a lot of benefits in taking piano and voice. Taking piano or voice helps to relive stress, stimulates the brain, boost self esteem and gains confidence most of all it encourages creativity! 

Jazz Dance is 12 pm! Book your Piano or Voice Slot! Give us a time thats good for you!

Join us July 27th! 
Choose which class you want! 

Submitting this form reserves your spot and discount on registration!

Become a performer

Prepare for Recitals


Audition Prep and more!

Ages 4-17 yrs

There will be Refreshments!

Meet The Teacher!

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