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What age is good to start playing an instrument? Is there a such thing as too old?


Absolutely not! There is no cut off age to learn music or dance. Its never too late. We start lessons at 3 years old! So whether you’re 3 or 90. If you’ve always wanted to play music or dance then why wait or give-up on a dream? 


Do I need to be able to read music?


At Sherry Stephanie we believe deeply in the ability to be able to read music. Being able to read notes aids in helping with tempo, pitch and key, and can all around make you a better musician, songwriter, and singer. Fear not! We can teach you to read music!


Should I just learn how to play my instrument from YouTube?


Learning your instrument on YouTube can only help with your progress to a certain extent. We offer an in depth teaching method. It’s one on one where any questions you have can be answered. We proceed in curriculum according to the student’s pace. We direct them and help them in areas that are lacking. The relationship between teacher and student is very important. The impersonal approach on youtube isn’t long lasting and doesn’t help in further development.


How long will it take me to learn?


That depends solely upon you! The time you spend practicing your craft matters. Sight reading material you’ve never played before or singing a song or dancing a dance that is a little bit more challenging can take time. Time and development go hand in hand. Patience and consistency is required but it is all around achievable to become great at your craft. If you want to learn a popular song for an event or just to learn it, we will work with you whether by giving you the easier version or working with chords, etc.


Which instrument is best to start off with?


It depends!  For young one’s ages 2-6, the piano is perfect! As it is the foundation of music. At this young age their fingers are still developing strength and the piano can help in making the muscles in their fingers stronger while at the same time they’re learning music notes, music theory such as tempo and dynamics. When they get a little older they are able to pursue other instruments. For adults any instrument is available to you from piano, guitar, to strings.   


Can I get credits for college?


Yes! We work with an accredited program called ABRSM. It stands for the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. It is a program based in London England. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles are patrons of this amazing program. We are the only dance and music school that offers this program in the area. Through ABRSM students are able to get credits for college through this program. Ranging from levels 1-8 students are given a theory portfolio to complete along with a teachers help and a practical of major and minor scales, arpeggios and three music pieces of their choice chosen form the ABRSM booklet etc. They then perform this for the examiner with having months in advance of practice and full preparations along with their instructor. Its is graded on the scale of passing, merit and distinction. Distinction being the highest score. This program takes your musical and vocal skills to the next level!


Am I a candidate for ABRSM?


Yes you are! A student that practices, has basic knowledge of music and wants to take their skills to the next level are indeed candidates. 


What if I’m tone deaf, can I still take vocal lesson?


Of course you can! If you are having problems with pitch, haven’t sang before, or simply want to improve your voice, here at Sherry Stephanie we have the most accomplished voice coaches to help with that. You’ll be able to learn songs of your choice and at times the instructor will choose songs for you to learn to help develop your craft to an even greater level. There is classical, hip hop, r&b, country, gospel and endless genres to try. Songwriting and sight-reading is also incorporated.


Which dance best suits me?


It depends. Are you a beginner? Do you have a background in dance? Are you looking to do something fun? What do you feel comfortable dancing? Whether it be ballroom, hip hop, ballet, jazz/tap, Bollywood, or lyrical!  all beginners will be given an intro class your dance instructors are professionals who have been in the business for years. Scared, nervous or shy, don’t be! Dancing is supposed to be freeing, and learning shouldn’t be stressful. If you’re an intermediate or advanced dancer your teacher will see fit that you are placed in a class that suits your skill level. If you’re looking for something fun all of our classes are extremely enjoyable! Also girl’s night is a great time to spend time with the girls or meet new friends,  and couple’s night is a blast!


If I have special needs can I still take lessons?


Yes! We give lessons for special needs as well, including ABRSM. We also offer special needs dancing lessons. We have incredible instructors that work with disabilities and medical conditions. The instructor reviews all the medical readings and proceed according to what the student is comfortable with.



Besides tuition, what other costs are there?


Books! All musical students require books for the level that they are on. The first book for all students on all levels are free! After that there will be a charge for new books including theory books. The teacher will determine which books are best for their student.


For dance, there is an additional charge for costumes. We make sure to find lowest, cost effective costumes and work with you to piece together the costume. There is also a charge for recitals, the performer is free.


Will Sherry Stephanie be hosting recitals?


Glad you asked! Yes we will! Sherry Stephanie Dance and Music co. will be hosting recitals at a venue giving our students the chance to showcase all they worked hard for that year. 


How long are lessons?

Music Lessons are 40 minutes. 30 minutes with the instructor and 10 minutes for theory. Lessons are sometimes longer depending on what type of class (ex. ABRSM) and if you have combo lessons like voice and piano lessons. Dance lessons are anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the class and level.

When does the semester of dance and music start?


There is a year round open enrollment for music lessons! You can start a class as soon as today. Dance classes start in the fall (August 2018).

What makes your studio so special?


Sherry Stephanie is an elite studio. We are a personable and every student is special to us! Our curriculum, teaching methods and the courses we give are unparalleled. We make it our aim to set our students on whatever career path they choose. At Sherry Stephanie you become family!

I am not a dancer or a musician. How do I know what my child is learning in class?

We do not expect you to know, which is why we are very strict about updating you on what your child is learning. Whether it's music or dance, we input skill levels and where your child should be. You will always know the goals and levels your child needs to achieve to get to the next level.

Do you do anything special for me if I refer a friend?

Yes, we have an amazing referral program that gets you points toward family dance classes, etc! Contact our studio to learn more!

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