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Do you have what it takes?

Why recitals are Important

Recitals are a great way for your child to showcase all that they have learned that year. It makes them an overall better performer and helps to sharpen their craft. We offer recitals either once or twice a year. We put on an amazing show that your child will work hard towards in order to put on an amazing show for the hundreds of people that attend. Recitals teach hard work and discipline to all students. We do require recitals for every student and of course we let you as the parent know whether your child is ready or not. 

Our recital performances include Theater, Vocalist, Guitarist, Drummers and more!

Recitals also helps with our ABRSM performance exams that we offer for accreditation. Performing helps your child to become an even greater musican or dancer.


Red Carpet

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Behind The Scenes 

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