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Hip Hop

Learn the street culture that became a global expression!


Sherry Stephanie 
gives you the best

Freestyle & Street Style

Popping & Locking

Innovative Choreography

Manipulate the Beat & Characterization

Footwork, Freezing & Battling

All Boys Hip Hop Classes!

Learn the Hip Hop Culture

All Ages!

Become a Performer!

Sherry Stephanie is thee hip hop studio you've been waiting for! 

Hip-hop dance refers to street dance styles mainly performed to hip-hop, r&b and pop music. Hip Hop is a fun, fast paced, high energy class. Students learn hip hop technique and how to evolve in themselves. They learn how to manipulate the beat, incorporate their own rhythm and interpretation of the music, and even popping and locking. You will learn how to tighten, contract, and relax muscles to obtain certain dance moves.


Our classes are choreographed, but we also encourage freestyle dancing so that students can get a sense of their own unique dance style. To be an outstanding hip hop performer, a student must have a good understanding of the hip hop culture. At Sherry Stephanie we include knowledge about the culture so the student can achieve ultimate success. Depending upon the students level and desire to pursue dance, this class will prepare students for commercial dance work in the future. (For ex. Backup Dancer, Music Video Dancer, etc.) Higher level hip hop classes will include battling, freezing and some breakdancing.

If hip hop is like the kind of dance you want to take, give us a call for enrollment!

hip hop

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