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Come & See Us!

We offer Consultations/trial classes Tuesday- Saturday. We offer consultations for Piano, Voice, Percussionh, hand Strings. Or Dance we offer consultations for Ballet, Hip Hop, Lyrical-Contemporary. Below here is what’s to expect for you or your child’s consultation. 


-Please make sure your child attends the consultation. We would like to met them and see what class can best fit them. 

-The consultation for music or dance will cover technique, what the class will look like, what the curriculumn entails and more

-Consultations can last between 15-25 min in the classroom

-Upon sign up we will book/register your child for classes. We recommend that you block out a full hour of your time.

Book a Trial Class

Try a Class & Get a Tour!

Below please put a day and time that can work for you to come in for a tour and consultation!. We are open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday for consultations. We will then contact you and solidify your booking! 

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Yay! A Supervisor Will Be in Contact

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