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Lyrical & Contemporary


Lyrical Dancers benefit emotionally

Here at Sherry Stephanie our Lyrical Dancers benefit from being emotionally connected to the music and will use a fluidity of movement to convey the emotional interpretation of the music and lyrics of the artist that is singing the song.

This dance form can convey a variety of emotions from sadness, joy, love, and pain depending on the music and lyrics that are chosen. Our dance instructors can create this emotion on stage and can also emote these feelings in the audience.


The dancers are connected to the music and through their interpretation using choreography, the audience also feels the lyrics of the song.

Lyrical dance uses a dancer’s body and facial expressions emotionally to tell the story of the lyrics in the music. 

Come and join us here at Sherry Stephanie and learn how to express your inner self through music and dance. 

Lyrical dance is a very expressive, emotional form of dance. It is a branch of ballet in which the dancer expresses themselves through movement like a story being told. It takes the technical training that dancers receive and softens it, while still keeping the foundation of clean technique. Lyrical dance is very emotionally based as students learn to channel and interpret the emotions they are feeling through movement only.

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