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Unleash Your Inner Vixen

The Art of Seduction Dance

The Art of Seduction

This after hours class is all about finding your sexy, that alter-ego that cannot be tamed. This class is all about loving yourself and finding your unique sexy. It's sensual, titillating and so much fun. 



   “Dance Is a Language Which Needs No Interpreter”


I have been asked constantly, What is the Art of Seduction? Well, here it is:

Were you ever so happy, you wanted to dance for joy? Or were you so sad or angry that you wanted to throw a glass or hit a punching bag? Or just want to be an alter ego that haunts you? These are emotions that come for us at times.

Emotions are inward energy and when shown outward, we all can feel it.

The Art of Seduction Lyrical Dance has taught me how to take that emotive energy and fuel it through movement.  


The Art of Seduction. The Art of Attraction. The Art of Captivation.. The Art of Charm.. Whichever one you choose to lure you into this dance. It is all from the same tree. I preferred ‘Seduction’ because it is putting focus upon yourself, your inner being.. To draw the energy out with force, by movements of seductive dance in a lyrical form or pole dancing form.


How to bring out this energy of happiness, sadness, anger through AOS Dance?

Start to find your alter-ego, seduce yourself by loving yourself (Your inner self). When we think of Seduction, we think of seducing another person. We all have grown with principles of seducing another. I often tell my students of the long ago Kings and how their wives would dance before them, before they were wed, before entering her king's bed. I wondered why? Hmm.. It is because women are the most beautiful beings on earth we were made in beauty and in wonder to entice, to allure, to captivate, to appeal, to attract, to charm and of course to seduce...I can go on.

(I adored the book “Captivating” By Stasi Eldredge. Read it, it speaks to us)


Though our beauteous frame, our seductive nature along with the power within.. We forget ourselves.

It is  now about ‘You.’  loving ‘Yourself.’

Some of my students young and old male and female cope with break-ups, divorce, low-self esteem, shyness, wanting to be loved, issues with their body, even abuse. Then all hope is lost and ‘Self’ matters none, it is buried somewhere within.

There are male and female, who are getting married and wants to show a style of seductive love in their privy time through AOS or a lady who want a private way to deal with the issues of her body through a charmed, romantic lyrical move, yet seducing their beauty within.

That's waiting to come out!



I went through a time in my life when I was sad. This type of dance caused me to rid myself of this sadness and rather than throwing glasses at the wall or taking out on my children or laying about crying my eyes out until I could feel my broken spirit, a bruised heart. I fueled that toxic energy into AOS.. Seducing, searching for my beauty, my self worth, my esteem and my love for me.  I began to love me before anyone else could. Each session of dance, I was happier and I felt better about myself. I truly seduced my inner-self. I treated myself better and now I see who I really am, like a reflection I see myself in the mirror.

With Art of Seduction, my person, my esteem, my healing along with a small glass of wine/champagne..

I found my true self. I am happier now and so loved and able to give love. 

I know, who I am, a body of love. I am Beautifully and Wonderfully made. I can do just about anything and I adore AOS. It has taken me to another dimension in my life.

Introduce yourself to the inner you.


Some people may call Art of Seduction the sister to Burlesque Dancing.. I say it is more than that... it is the bigger sister for AOS shapes your entire being/person.

Find the true you.. In The Art of Seduction.

Yours Truly,

Sherry Stephanie

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