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You Can Dance!

I am so passionate when it comes to dancing and teaching dance. I overflow with excitement!

Dance can start from 3 years old (yep an early age)! It trains the body into moving in obedience and in sequence to the rhythm in which it hears.

I had the honor to meet someone who has become a very good friend of mine, “Come and join us in dance.” I proposed an invitation that made him think deeply.

“Well, I really can’t dance, I have two left feet!” He said honestly and far too seriously.

"Hmm!", I replied. "We all dance in some form or fashion. Walking, gymnastics, cheerleading, synchronize swimming, martial arts and even boxing. The list goes on."

So, I told him to walk.

“Walk?” He asked curiously.

“Yes, walk.” I said delightfully. He was very puzzled by my invitation and I could tell this caught him off guard. He obliged me probably because he knew he would not win this debate. He started walking and I quickly placed the exact music to fit his steps.

“Now move your arms.” He did it and he could tell he started feeling so great about that moment. He named his dance, “The Walk Step.”

Connecting the steps and the music took some time, but he realized there was no such thing as not being able to dance or move with rhythm. Walk became his foundation and if you were to see him now, after all his practice, he is a good dancer.. A Choreographer.

Hearing this story I know you would never look at ‘Dance’ the same. You don't have two left feet. You can ‘Dance’ too!

Dance to a young child helps with confidence, motor skills, flexibility and balance. It teaches them about their body and strengths, promotes self esteem, it helps with bonding and togetherness with others and it prepares them to step forward later into a field of their choice whether its dance for a career, theater, choreography, arts administration, an instructor, a physical therapist etc.. This can glide onward through age.

And for adults, dance is a way to positively express yourself. A night out with friends becomes so much more when dancing is involved. It's almost always a memorable experience.

Dance is filled with fun, knowledge, and skills. And best of all, it never gets old.

-Sherry Stephanie

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